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A deep drawer is a safe place for your pots and pans in your kitchen. Why not utilize the extra space in these deep drawers for the essential small utensils, like stirring spoons and tongs. Right below the cooktop, where it’s handy, having a sliding tray on top of the deep storage area for your pots is not only convenient, it’s also very safe.

Double layer storage

While you’re at the cooktop and see the need to quickly attend to one of the pans, like stirring or turning the meat, you realize that you haven’t prepared your utensils prior to your now immediate need. No worries – the drawer right below has your solution – and not having to leave the cooktop to go find that your set of tongs is reassuring and probably a little safer.

So, when you’re in the market for the next kitchen remodel or make-over, simply keep this in mind. A little retro-fitting can be a game changer in your kitchen operations to keep you from getting so steamed, so to speak.

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