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It’s easier than ever before to add pull out shelves made to fit your existing cabinets. We simply need a few measurements, and we’re off to the shop! These pull out shelves are great for you to get, and stay, organized in the kitchen – making your lives easier at the same time. No more having to do a yoga move to get to an item in the back of your cabinet. Save your knees and back with the super convenient sliding shelves – custom fit into any size cabinet you have.

Imagine…finding that long lost pan or cooking pot will simply be a thing of the past. By retrofitting your cabinets today with custom made to fit slide outs, your kitchen will get organized quicker and everything you store can be easily reached. Our prices start at $75 for a pull out shelf installed.¬† Call or email for more information, prices and schedule.

We have some available options for you:

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